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Welcome to Clinical Print Finishers. We aim to add value to your print by providing innovative finishing solutions. With over forty machines in production and forty-eight years experience, Clinical have the best facility for small format print finishing in Europe.

We place a premium on providing a timely, friendly and competitive service coupled with high quality standards. Not only are we miniature finishing specialists, we are also able to offer standard sized  folding, stitching, Outserts (glued and tabbed), die cutting, pharmaceutical folding as well as complex pick and place and mailing solutions.  Please take a look at our range of services and sign up to our email newsletter so you can be kept informed of the latest developments at Clinical.



Clinical Print Finishers celebrate their 48th year in business in 2023. Alvin Brown, owner and founder of Clinical, started the business with a partner in 1975 with a £375 loan from his father. Alvin had been made redundant for the second time and decided to go it alone with a second hand folding machine.

The company began as Senator Print Finishers with 3 employees and were based in an old foundry in Loughborough. Within 2 years Alvin had bought his first H & H miniature folding machine.

By the mid 1980's Senator were the largest trade finisher in the country and the market for miniature folding was steadily growing. By the 1990's the demand for miniature work was such that a separate building was purchased to house that work and Clinical became the trading name of Senator's miniature division.


Clinical's quality conforms to ISO 9001.

Products used within our plant i.e. lubricants, cleaning products and adhesives are designed for the "Food Related Industry" and meet FDA approval.

Our compressed air supplies use FDA approved oils and utilise oil removing after filters producing a compressed air quality to meet ISO8573.1 ensuring total protection of our customers' products.




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Clinical have been our primary supplier for miniature folding for over 15 years now. They are efficient, accurate, reliable and competitive and they have never let ....

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