Inserts are typically used as instructions for pharmaceuticals that are packaged in small boxes.
We fold Inserts around your product and slide it snugly inside the product packaging.


Outserts are securely (adhesive) closed miniature leaflets affixed directly onto the product packaging.

They will not spring open until the end user wishes to read the product instructions.

Outserts have become the standard method of providing patient information for the pharmaceutical industry.

Usually printed on 40 or 45gsm paper, these Outserts can be multi-folded to produce a mini leaflet of up to 200 panels.


These are a similar product to Outserts except that they are (tab) sealed with a clear or printed label rather than sealed with adhesive.

As well as being extensively used in the pharmaceutical sector, Outserts and Tagserts are often used in cosmetic and food packaging.

Joining multiple booklets together (piggybacking)

In some circumstances, it is a customer requirement for two or three leaflets or booklets to be glued to each other with a peelable adhesive.

This is known as piggybacking and Clinical have a piggybacking line to carry out this process.

Miniature glued booklets

We can produce miniature spine glued booklets with up to 48 pages.
These booklets are folded, cold glued and trimmed in one process. These can be known as booklet labels, pharma booklets or ECLs (Extended Content Labels). We produce many of these for pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and child-friendly packaging. For more information please see our Miniature glued booklets product page.