Over the years Clinical have produced a wide range of miniature die-cut leaflets and mini die cut booklets, from simple round cornered booklets to complicated shaped leaflets.

Although we are miniature die cutting specialists, we also die-cut standard A5 & A4 sized products.

How our die cutting works

  1. We work with your designer to ensure your print work has suitable trims and is suitable for die cutting.
  2. Using your artwork, we fabricate the die and set up our machines.
  3. Each booklet or leaflet is individually punched in a continuous platen action giving a clean finish with few or no nicks on the product.

You can also supply us with completed booklets and folded leaflets which we die-cut offline using the same process. This is far more cost effective than using traditional die-cutting methods.

Ram punching

An alternative to die cutting is ram punching.

Ram punching is ideal for the shaping of business cards, tickets, labels, playing cards, swing tags and vouchers. We can radius corner Z Fold Card covers and we have the dies for all the standard Z Fold card sizes (85 x 54mm & 108 x 78mm).

Ram punch dies have a continuous blade and leave no nicks on the products unlike cylinder or flat bed die-cutting processes.